There is a lot of talk these days of community and mission, but formation is sometimes forgotten in the midst of it all. This seems to be the most difficult part of our lives to practice because it is embedded in mystery, paradox, and is beyond the intellect. The Mystical Imagination takes you on a path into the depths of the interior life where our concepts of God unravel and our true self comes to life. We start to live into a more countercultural way of life where a contemplative spirituality is our greatest longing and our deepest expression of love in the world.

What others are saying about the book:

“This book is a true gift.” Chistiana Rice 

“A wise and gentle plea for us all to come to attention and examine the true shape of our lives together.” Michael Frost 

“I believe our capacity to cultivate a mystical imagination determines our ability to become transforming and healing agents in our communities and our world.” Wendy McCaig

“We are given permission to search, to question, imagine and be in endless wonder.” Eileen Baura Suico

“Breaks open the contemplative path and shows you how to live your life to the fullest.” Phileena Heuertz

“This is a serious book for people who want to live awake to the sacred in all of life.” Mark Scandrette

“I’m chomping at the bit to reflect on all that stood out to me.” Marlena Graves 

“An essential read for anyone sensing that following Christ just might be a whole-life adventure transforming everyday moments into our chance to join the Spirit in community.” Dwight J. Friesen

“Those seeking to delve into the mystery of faith will benefit by his wisdom and guidance.” Becky Garrison

“With a mystical imagination, framed by rhythm and discipline, we can become a gift to our community.” Sherry Maddock

“Hasn’t left anything behind when it comes to contemplative spirituality.” Lacy Clark Ellman

“A wise and generous guide.” John Pattison

“One is reminded of the wonders of life.” Jenna Smith

“The essence of this book, if I could sum it up in one word, would be awareness.” Dave Arnold 

“A gentle and strong invitation toward a more peaceful, human and sane way of being.” Kelly Bean 

“A call to nurture a deep contemplative spirituality for the 21st century.” Ian Adams

“A passionate call for the church to make a serious commitment to contemplative formation.” Susan R. Pitchford

“A wonderful call for us to be ordinary mystics.” Kathy Escobar


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Everyday life is oftentimes not experienced as very relational anymore. The church has been co-opted by services and meetings detached from a relational expression within a particular place or parish in everyday life. We need to create the context to reimagine the body of Christ in everyday life as embodied through its proximity and shared life together. Without the value of inhabiting and listening to the place where we live, we will have very little expression of faith together in everyday life. There needs to be an embodied expression for our ecclesiology to make sense. If we do not have a local expression together, we will create a duality between our spirituality and our everyday lives in the ordinary.

The Communal Imagination will draw out a new way of being for ourselves into this transition of embodied expression by stressing the importance of proximity and shared life within a particular neighborhood where we live, work and play. We need to embody practices as a way of life that are based on a spirituality of love, grace, humility and simplicity within the place where we share life together. This is how we will be able to get along and function in a healthy way over time that does not do damage to the cultural context we are in as we build on the particulars of our relationships together.

What others are saying about the book:

“An invitation to live deep in a shallow world.” Shane Claiborne

“This profoundly honest text is chock full of ideas born of experience.” Kelly Bean

“A vision and a set of practices that might just allow us to experience life and faith as it was meant to be lived.” Jon Huckins

“Calls to nothing less than a new way to be human.” Michael Frost

“Think global, act local gains new meaning through this book.” Christine Sine

“Draws readers into a counter-cultural lifestyle of vulnerability and interdependence.” Eileen Baura Suico

“Evidences the rare gift of being one who reads widely and lives deeply.” Brandon Rhodes

Equally practical, personal and prophetic.” Jamie Arpin-Ricci

“Challenge our current modes of being.” Karen Wilk

“Grew my capacity to be ‘with’ people I did not think possible.” David Fitch

“Filled with seemingly ordinary stories that surprise us with their beauty.” Paul Sparks