Open Eyes – 10 quotes from Richard Rohr’s book – Eager To Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi

by Mark Votava

41YwunJqU-L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_1. Connection and relationship

“The entire universe is about connection and relationship – from the smallest atom to the galaxies and everything in between…”

2. The inner, the soul, intuition, connection

“The feminine principle has greater interest in the inner, the soul, the formless, deeper feeling, intuition, connection, harmony, beauty, and relationality in general; it is more identified with lunar subtlety and not the over-differentiating light of the masculine sun god or the literalism and linearity of the left brain. Not all women fully identify with the feminine principle, of course, and some men do, but these descriptors give you a sense of what I mean by the feminine…”

3. Humility commonly looks like

“In the male world, humility commonly looks like weakness, lack of exposure to the ‘real world,’ or even low self-esteem; but it is not an admirable virtue or any kind of needed strength…”

4. The demand for certitude

“It is important to know that the opposite of faith is not doubt, but in fact, certitude and the demand for certitude…”

5. The deeper levels

“…the soul needs living models to grow, and quite precisely exemplars with the expansive energies of love. People who are eager to love change us at the deeper levels; they alone seem able to open the field of both mind and heart at the same time… When we are in this different state, and that is what it is, we find ourselves open to directions or possibilities we would never allow or imagine before or after.”

6. Open eyes

“We all know love’s absence as hell, and its presence goes by the name of heaven. We all know the difference intuitively and energetically between people who are in heaven now and people who are in hell now. This demands no ‘belief’ or theology whatsoever, but only open eyes that mirror God’s eternal eagerness to love, and the imaginal world that such eyes create within us.”

7. The dualistic and contentious mind

“One wonders, however, if the dualistic and contentious mind that we now take as normative can understand, allow or support this kind of radical spirituality…”

8. Learn to offer life a foundational yes

“…we all must learn to offer life a foundational yes before we offer our critical no. If we start with no, it is almost impossible to ever get back to a full yes.”

9. An act of solidarity

“A simple lifestyle is quite simply an act of solidarity with the way most people have lived since the beginning of humanity. It is thus restorative justice instead of the world’s limited notion of retributive justice.”

10. Inner authority

“…the real authority that ‘authors’ people and changes the world is an inner authority that comes from people who have lost, let go, and are refound on a new level. Twelve-step programs have come to much the same conclusion in our time.”

Do you live with open eyes in everyday life?

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