Our Curiosity About Our True Self – 10 quotes from Richard Rohr’s book – Immortal Diamond: The Search For Our True Self

by Mark Votava

immoral_diamond1. God and consciousness and Being

“Perhaps God and consciousness and Being are the same thing. This ever-flowing abundance that we call God clearly loves and revels in endless manifestation, fecundity, and diversity. The Formless One is forever seeking new and fantastic forms… There is surely no indication of any divine interest in blandness, uniformity, exclusion, mindless repetition, or sameness.”

2. Delusional and counterproductive

“Remember, please remember, you do not (you must not!) fear, attack, or hate the False Self. That would only continue a negative and arrogant death energy, and it is delusional and counterproductive anyway… In the great economy of grace, all is used and transformed, and nothing is wasted. God uses your various False Selves to lead you beyond them…”

3. The lie of separation

“Jesus never appeared to believe the ‘lie of separation,’ which is the core meaning of sin. He said without hesitation, ‘I and the Father are one’ (John 10:30). That made him indeed unique – and the ultimate model and leader for all of humanity.”

4. The most inclusive system of all

“Healthy religion should be the most inclusive system of all, making use of every discipline, avenue, and access point for Big Truth…”

5. The death of our ever fading False Self

“The ego self is the self before death; the soul is real only after we have walked through the death of our ever fading False Self and come out larger and brighter on the other side…”

6. Divine breath passing through you

“Your True Self is that part of you that is going to live forever and sees truthfully. It is divine breath passing through you. Your False Self is that part of you that is constantly changing and will eventually die anyway. It is in the world of passing forms and looks out with itself as the central reference point – which is never true. The False Self is passing, tentative, and, as the Hindus and Buddhists say, ‘empty.’ Mature religion helps us speed up this process of dying to the False Self – or at least to stop fighting its clear demise. This is why saints live in such a countercultural way…”

7. Inside our “conventional wisdom”

“We pulled Jesus inside our ‘conventional wisdom’ and seldom allowed him to be the teacher of alternative wisdom that he has always been.”

8. If a person keeps growing

“If a person keeps growing, his or her various false selves usually die in exposure to greater light.”

9. A dark and dangerous risk

“Both God and the True Self need only to fully be themselves and generously show themselves… To allow yourself to be grabbed and held by such a divine wholeness is a dark and dangerous risk, and yet this is exactly what we mean by ‘salvation’…”

10. Our curiosity about our True Self

“Our ongoing curiosity about our True Self seems to lessen if we settle into any ‘successful’ role. We have then allowed others to define us from the outside, although we do not realize it. Or perhaps we dress ourselves up on the outside and never get back inside…”

Are you curious about your True Self?

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