One Can Be A Cause Junkie – 6 quotes from Adam Bucko and Mathew Fox’s book – Occupy Spirituality: A Radical Vision for a New Generation

by Mark Votava

51CtjqY4XxL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_1. Do the inner work

“If you don’t work on yourself, then much of your politics is merely projections. We have to walk our talk and do the inner work that allows the outer work to be authentic and also effective…”

2. Mystic-prophets

“There is really only one vocation: that’s to be mystic-prophets, to be lovers and defenders of what we cherish. What form it takes, how it is incarnated in history and culture, of course will vary. However, we really do have a common vocation. If we could begin to think like that, whether we’re Muslim or Jewish or Native American or Buddhist or Hindu or Christian or atheist, it would create an incredible bedrock of commonality for service to community…”

3. Reconnect with our spirit

“We need to reject this system of uniformity and this system of life mediated through symbols that value having over being and that rely on addiction to keep it going. Instead, we need to reconnect with our spirit, with our life, listen to its guidance, and allow that life to live through us. In doing so, we will discover the real essence of who we are and why we are here. And then, through that direct intuition and in a dialogue and community with others (reminding each other of this experience and our authenticity) we will begin to build our lives around what emerges out of this process, with each community representing a different dimension of this dream that is trying to be born here. This is the way to transform our world from a world in which life is asked to serve economy to a world in which economy serves life.”

4. Action that comes from one’s deepest calling

“…spirituality that does not include action is no spirituality at all. But it’s not just about any action – it’s about action that comes from one’s deepest calling. This spirituality does not accept the reality of living a divided life, such as complete withdrawal or a separate career divided from one’s soul and it’s deepest aspirations. Those dualities of the past no longer apply here. For young people today, the sense of vocation and the sense of a calling become the very doorways into spirit. So this new spirituality also realizes that the new world can be created only if people incarnate their unique gifts and callings in the world and employ them in the service of compassion and justice.”

5. How badly we need to be awakened

“There is so much denial in our culture, our media, our religions, our politics. How badly we need to be awakened…”

6. One can be a cause junkie

“One can become a cause junkie – one can make one’s whole life social activism and leave no room for the soul, no room for the mystical juice that, first of all, is the very goal of social justice. The goal of social justice is that the whole community can live life fully. It’s about celebration of life. If you’ve left that out of your path because you’re so married to being this warrior twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, then first of all you’re going to run out of steam and juice, but also you’re not going to taste what it is you’re really trying to bring about, which is the flow of justice that allows the flow of life to move on.”

How can we keep from being a cause junkie and learn to reconnect with our spirit?

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