Mysterious Inner Experience – 7 quotes from Andrew Harvey’s book – The Hope: A Guide To Sacred Activism

by Mark Votava

TheHope_AndrewHarvey1. The limitlessness greed of the corporate mindset

“Everyone knows that the world is largely run by multi-national corporations with no legal accountability that bribe and corrupt governments, pursue policies of naked greed, and control most of the political parties and institutions all over the world that could restrain their power. The world economy is headed toward an unprecedented global recession, and the limitless greed of the corporate mindset, its sanctification of the bottom-line mentality, is matched only by its limitless folly and capacity to believe its own propaganda. There is a terrible humor in all this, and as everyone also knows in a further dark twist of the joke, it is not the rich, but the poor who are paying the price for the madness of the financial markets.”

2. Act from these deep levels

“Nearly all the mistakes I have made have been because I was too undisciplined to ‘act from these deep levels.’ Over years of causing offense by my unchecked intensity, I have, I hope, begun to learn my lesson…”

3. Our responsibility

“In today’s world, it’s not only our right to be angry, it’s our responsibility. The question is, do we act out of anger or love? That’s what makes the difference. The reason I feel it’s our responsibility to be angry is that anyone who looks at the world will recognize that we hurt innocent life, and bring more children into the world who will be injured. The anger comes from knowing we have the potential to do it another way and yet we don’t. Then we let go, and the anger becomes secondary. I do what I do because of my love, not my anger.”

4. Mysterious inner experience

“…the amazing and humbling journey to unconditional forgiveness, not from a position of weakness or defeat, but from a mysterious inner experience of the nature of God as all-embracing Mercy. While dauntingly difficult, such a journey is by no means impossible…”

5. Shadow-knowledge

“And this shadow-knowledge will become your constant and most valuable companion on the path if you always keep turning to it, because it will keep you radically humble whatever happens to you and through you.”

6. A revolution of personal mystical freedom

“…anyone who wants to can now take the journey to the Divine in terms of his or her own temperament and personal inclination. This amounts to a revolution of personal mystical freedom.”

7. Calmness and humility

“…by surrendering the fruits of action to the Divine can you perform your actions with a calmness and humility that will protect you from despair and keep you secretly fed from your deepest divine sources. Nothing could be more important for all of us to learn than this Law – that it is only by giving up the results of what you do to God that you can rescue yourself from the distress, anxiety, and harassing anguish that inevitably accompany real work in the real world when it is done from a personal agenda. The more important the work, the more you need a serene inner detachment from its outcome; otherwise, knowing how vital it is will crucify you with anxiety and drive you to despair or even self-loathing when you feel you have failed in the mission entrusted to you.”

Are you opening up to a mysterious inner experience of evolving depth in life?

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