Live My Way Into A New Life – 5 quotes from Kathy Escobar’s book – Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart

by Mark Votava

97816014254301. Any kind of passion still feels buried pretty deep

“Passions fall into categories other than love, justice, and beauty, but these are great places to start. As we ignite our passions, our tender faith strengthens. Some of us have already found ways to live out what we love… Others may feel too scared to step out without the support and encouragement of the systems they used to be part of (or maybe still are). And some are unsure yet – any kind of passion still feels buried pretty deep. Regardless of where we find ourselves, part of rebuilding faith is igniting our passions – ones lying underneath a lot of rubble or ones recently discovered.”  

2. We have to make ourselves vulnerable

“…many people are completely shut down about anything churchy. But when we’re trying to come back to life, we will have to engage with people and our faith somehow, or we’ll never get to a new place. There’s no way around it. We have to make ourselves vulnerable.”

3. Despite the costs

“Some people might have given up on us, but God hasn’t. There is so much hope! A huge sign of life is that we are actually still in, trying to talk about this hard stuff and willing to engage with difficult questions and painful realities. People may criticize us and call us lost, angry, or a host of other adjectives, but the most enduring thing is that we’re still trying to find our way toward God… It’s glorious that you are wrestling with cultivating a freer faith despite the costs.”

4. A significant part of our unfolding story

“As we continue to move toward greater hope and freedom in our faith as part of Rebuilding, it’s important not to reject or remain bitter about the past. Healing can come as we find ways to celebrate what was as a way to move toward the future. Some things about our past experiences are worthy of respect and honor. There are ideas, events, and/or people we can celebrate for forming who we are today. Celebrating what was isn’t about looking at the past through rose-colored glasses, creating false memories to feel better, or forcing ourselves to go where we can’t emotionally go. Rather, it’s about remembering that what we left behind is a significant part of our unfolding story.”

5. Live my way into a new life

“I keep discovering that I can’t think or study my way into a new life. No book, retreat, or conference will make it all better. Trust me, if it existed, I would have found it already. My only hope moving forward is to live my way into a new life. Renewed living requires investigating our passions and finding ways to act on them. We all have dreams – things we’d like to do, build, try, or be part of. These can be big or small, exciting or simple… Regardless of the size or type, part of Rebuilding is acknowledging our desires to pursue some of these things…”

How can we live our way into a new life?

My new book The Mystical Imagination: Seeing the Sacredness of All of Life (2015) is finally done! It is available on kindle and paperback!

“Our crowded, overly-consumed, hyper-active, digitally-addicted lifestyle is draining the life out of us. We are desperate to transcend the chaos and find a better way to live. We need a mystical imagination. Get ready to be transported into the depths of meaning as Votava breaks open the contemplative path and shows you how to live your life to the fullest.” Phileena Heuertz, author of Pilgrimage of a Soul: Contemplative Spirituality for the Active Life and founding partner, Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism

My first book The Communal Imagination: Finding a Way to Share Life Together (2014) is available on kindle and paperback also!

“Inside everyone there is a longing for community, to love and be loved. We are made in the image of a communal God. But in our hyper-mobile, individualistic, cluttered world… community is an endangered thing. And community is like working out – it takes work, sweat, discipline…  without that our muscles atrophy. Everybody wants to be fit, but not too many people want to do the work to get there. Mark’s book is sort of a workout manual, helping you rediscover your communal muscles and start building them up slowly. It is an invitation to live deep in a shallow world.”  Shane Claiborne, author and activist