The Peace of Silence – Celebrating My 600th Blog Post!

by Mark Votava

  • So beautiful

images (37)Silence, you are so beautiful. You nourish my body. You help me to live from a place of love and compassion. I have never known anything so beautiful.

  • Longing for you

Longing for you makes me happy. Peace lives with me at the remembrance of you. Never leave me. I need you so much.

  • Gifts of wisdom

Without you my true self cannot live. I cry out for you in the day and throughout the night. You bring to me your gifts of wisdom. You are the light in my eyes.

  • Changing myself

The great sufi mystic Rumi writes, “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

  • No more changing the world

art-projects-for-kids-2No more changing the world. No more changing others. No more frustration and angst at the thought of you. I want to dream of you.

  • Mindful and aware

I want to be mindful and aware of you throughout my days. May I live and die in silence. May your truth lead me to care for myself.

  • Done with being clever

I am done with being clever. I am done with trying to figure things out. Being lost is okay with you. There are no more words to be addicted to. I want to rest in you in everyday life.

  • Living with courage

I search for your wisdom, to live in my true self. The false self is fading away at your sight. You are authentic and kind. May I carry you with me as I live my life with courage.

  • Don’t abandon me to my false self

Don’t abandon me to my false self. I need your beauty to light my eyes. You are subversive and shatter the status quo. How I miss your touch when I ignore you by my fast paced life.

  • Not much of anything in the noise

Everything is so fast and busy. I am done with all of that. I desire your peace and comfort. There is not much of anything in all the noise.

  • Authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, and humility

Teach me of authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, and humility. You are a friend. You are the most beautiful nourishment I have found. There is peace in you.

  • Dry my tears

Dry my tears and help me to cope with my pain. I trust in you. There is no one else. I am running to you with grace and hospitality.

  • You live within me

You always seem to be kind to me. In all kinds of ways you are near, you are present. You live within me all the time. I am truly grateful for all your wisdom and gifts.3816206-Bamboo-leaves-over-abstract-blurred-background-Stock-Photo-buddhism-bamboo

  • Worth more than money

You are worth more than money. I happy to know something of you. You show me gifts of compassion within myself. I will never forget you.

  • No efficiency or productivity

You are beautiful to me. I am pausing to embrace you. Just doing nothing is so good for me. Because there is no efficiency, productivity, and accumulation of money, many think you are a waste of time, but I don’t care about all of that.

  • The revealer of my true self

You are worth more than money to me. I long for you with my whole self. You are the revealer of my true self. For that I am grateful all my days!

Have you embraced silence today?

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