Deeper Intuition – 5 quotes from my book – The Mystical Imagination: Seeing the Sacredness of All of Life

by Mark Votava

41+jgDX732L1. Opportunities for awakening

“God’s love, goodness, beauty, grace, and kindness are for our awakening. This movement starts within us as we listen deeply through reflection and rest in everyday life. God is always leading us to awakening in the parish. Everything we go through in life calls for our awakening. It is important for us to remain open to this all throughout our journey of life. God is constantly showing us more wisdom through the mystical imagination as our everyday lives are opportunities for awakening. Diana Butler Bass states, ‘…awakening is marked by insistence on connection, networks, relationship, imagination, and story instead of dualism, individualism, autonomy, techniques, and rules.’”

2. The art of letting life reveal itself

“We need to practice ‘the art of letting life reveal itself’ to us as we listen. It has everything to do with the mystical imagination within us. When we do nothing and allow life to reveal itself to us as the body of Christ in the parish, we will be satisfied with just being. That will be enough for us.”

3. Examining our lives together

“Reflection and rest enlighten us from within, and give us the ability to re-imagine our everyday lives. New Monastic activist Shane Claiborne writes, ‘I think that’s a good sign – the ability to change and rethink things.’ We need to be always evolving our human consciousness through the examining of our lives together.”

4. Deeper intuition

“Physical solitude can be the source of the strength that brings us to together. This practice can reconnect us again and again. God uses our silence and solitude to speak to our imaginations, to our passions, to our creativity, and to our love for others. But this isn’t in the form of spoken words, but through an awareness of a deeper intuition that goes beyond words. Silence and solitude facilitate this mysterious listening and intuitive way of knowing one another as we live in community.”

5. A mystery to participate in

“God cannot be figured out. God cannot be boxed into a concept, a proposition or an agenda. God is mysterious and calls for our participation in all of life as the body of Christ in the neighborhood. God is the destroyer of all our illusions and the Creator of the mystical imagination. Irish philosopher Peter Rollins states in his book The Fidelity of Betrayal, ‘God is not a problem to be solved but rather a mystery to participate in.’ God speaks to us through participation, collaboration, and embodiment. If we are not listening ordinary mystics who live into God’s mysteries, we will never know true wisdom within us. God’s nature is mystery and cannot be reduced to anything else.”

Do you think God is a problem to be solved or a mystery to participate in?

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“Inside everyone there is a longing for community, to love and be loved. We are made in the image of a communal God. But in our hyper-mobile, individualistic, cluttered world… community is an endangered thing. And community is like working out – it takes work, sweat, discipline…  without that our muscles atrophy. Everybody wants to be fit, but not too many people want to do the work to get there. Mark’s book is sort of a workout manual, helping you rediscover your communal muscles and start building them up slowly. It is an invitation to live deep in a shallow world.”  Shane Claiborne, author and activist