To Hug One’s Wounds  – 13 quotes from Thomas Keating’s book – Invitation to Love: The Way of Christian Contemplation

by Mark Votava

51keqNbVq1L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_1. The maximum amount of divine life

“God wants to share with us even in this life the maximum amount of divine life that we can possibly contain…”

2. Prepackaged value systems

“Our preconceived ideas and prepackaged value systems are obstacles to grace…”

3. True humility

“The spiritual journey is a training in consent to God’s presence and to all of reality. Basically this is what true humility is…”

4. The fruit of the night of sense

“The principle fruit of the night of sense is humility…”

5. The monumental illusion of the human condition

“The divine presence has always been with us, but we think it is absent. That thought is the monumental illusion of the human condition. The spiritual journey is designed to heal it.”

6. The growth of inner freedom

“The beatitudes are directed to the growth of inner freedom…”

7. From selfishness to divine union

“The invitation to allow God to change our motivation from selfishness to divine love is the call to transforming union.”

8. Our greatest gift from God

“Thus the person who gives us the most trouble may be our greatest gift from God…”

9. To hug one’s wounds

“Apathy is the opting out of the flow of life in order to hug one’s wounds, real or imaginary.”

10. Refuse to be upset

“There is no commandment that says we have to be upset by the way other people treat us. The reason we are upset is because we have an emotional program that says, ‘If someone is nasty to me, I cannot be happy or feel good about myself.’ It is true that there is psychological and sometimes physical pain involved in not being treated as a human being. In such situations, we have every right to be indignant and to take steps to remedy them. But apart from such circumstances, instead of reacting compulsively and retaliating, we could enjoy our freedom as human beings and refuse to be upset.”

11. The mystery of God’s presence

“We want to grasp or be grasped by the mystery of God’s presence that opens endlessly in every direction.”

12. Allowing the true self to emerge

“By consenting to God’s creation, to our basic goodness as human beings, and to let go of what we love in this world, we are brought to the final surrender, which is to allow the false self to die and the true self to emerge. The true self might be described as our participation in the divine life manifesting in our uniqueness…”

13. The acceptance of everything that is good, beautiful, and true

“True asceticism is not the rejection of the world, but the acceptance of everything that is good, beautiful, and true. It is learning how to use our faculties and the good things of this world as God’s gifts rather than expressions of selfishness. The basic ascesis is the appreciation of all that is good on each level of our developing humanity and the integration of the genuine values of each level into the next one…”

Which quote do you like the best?

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