The Greatest Creativity – 13 quotes from Thomas Keating’s book – Reflections on the Unknowable

by Mark Votava

41-YNDn2WOL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_1. Becoming fully human

“Thus one of the main breakthroughs of the spiritual journey is to perceive that God is manifesting in us and inviting us to become fully human because that is the way to become as fully divine as humans can be in this evolutionary process. We don’t know the end, but there’s no reason that the process should stop…”  

2. Human consciousness

“Out of that immense chaos ultimately emerges human consciousness, which is the greatest masterpiece of creation. That is still going on. If we could collaborate with it, we have no idea what wonderful things the human race might be capable of in the next millennium.”

3. The possibility of further consciousness

“But there’s a certain progression of intimacy and transformation that takes place in human development that involves a communion with God that is permanent and signals the possibility of further consciousness.”

4. The greatest creativity

“Inner freedom is the source of the greatest creativity…”

5. God is present in everything

“God is present in everything, but not limited by anything…”

6. The humility of God has no limits

“Divine love has to give itself away in the most absolute manner in order to bear witness to the fact that the humility of God has no limits. Humility has to take the lowest place.”

7. Waking up to contemplation

“Contemplation is a gift we have already received. Waking up to it is a good metaphor because one wakes up from sleep to whatever one’s level of consciousness normally is.”

8. Sharing the divine life with us

“God proposes to effect our complete transformation into interior freedom by sharing the divine life with us.”

9. God manifesting God-self in us

“The true self, who we really are, is created in the image and likeness of God. Our true nature is God manifesting God-self in us.”

10. Every nanosecond of time

“The Ultimate Reality is manifesting infinite goodness, compassion, tenderness, and humility in every nanosecond of time…”

11. We are to become truly free

“We are to become truly free, or rather Freedom itself…”

12. A giant paradigm of the spiritual journey

“The universe seems to be a giant paradigm of the spiritual journey…”

13. Chaos is our home

“We try so hard to put order into our lives and into the cosmos. There is none: instead, there are lots of comings and goings, ups and downs. In fact, everything at the subatomic level is chaos. Moments of perfect order coalesce only to dissolve again into the thrilling immensity of infinite possibilities. Love is all because it is nowhere, not in one place, but everyplace. Every form is teeming with life and with various forms of consciousness or no consciousness. Like bees swarming or in a hive, or ants on an anthill, life on every level is busy. Yet it’s doing nothing – remaining for a moment and then quickly passing away, only to be back in another form, in another kind of community, in another chaos. Chaos is our home. It is always becoming, ending, and starting anew.”

Which quote do you like the best?

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