Growing Out of Humility – 17 quotes from Thomas Merton’s book – The Sign of Jonas

by Mark Votava

41sdg2pPluL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_1. The desire for solitude

“I have only one desire and that is the desire for solitude…”

2. More than anything else

“More than anything else, more than ever before I beg You, my God, to kindle in my heart the love of Christ and teach me how to give myself to You…”

3. Whatever work God wants to perform in me and through me

“My intention is to give myself entirely and without compromise to whatever work God wants to perform in me and through me.  But this gift is not something absolutely blind and without definition.  It is already defined by the fact that God has given me a contemplative vocation…”

4. Not really the same person, except in appearance

“If I were the same person I was ten years ago, I certainly would be astonished.  But I am not really the same person, except in appearance…”

5. Growing out of humility

“It is not hard to be frivolous and cheap, in this matter of contemplation.  If it does not grow out of humility, our contemplation will necessarily be superficial…”

6. To find God alone in everything

“I ought to know, by now, that God uses everything that happens as a means to lead me into solitude.  Every creature that enters my life, every instant of my days, will be designed to wound me with the realization of the world’s insufficiency, until I become so detached that I will be able to find God alone in everything.  Only then will all things bring me joy.”

7. Let me rest in Your will and be silent

“Let me rest in Your will and be silent.  Then the light of Your joy will warm my life…”

8. How good is it to be alone, in silence

“But even with your eyes aching and your head spinning, how good it is to be alone, in silence.”

9. The supreme luxuries of life

“To have nothing to do but abandon yourself to God and love God! Silence and solitude are the supreme luxuries of life!”

10. Come back for a moment

“How this silence keeps claiming you for itself!  As soon as you start anything it says: ‘Come back for a moment!’…”

11. Love surrounds me with peace

“…every day love corners me somewhere and surrounds me with peace without having to look very far or very hard or do anything special…”

12. Life begins all over again

“Every minute life begins all over again…”

13. I don’t want to do anything but love

“Love carries me all around.  I don’t want to do anything but love…”

14. Love is the only thing

“…love is the only thing that makes it possible for me to continue to tick.”

15. The atmosphere of contemplation

“The atmosphere of contemplation is the atmosphere of humility…”

16. Why do I desire things?

“Why do I desire things that are not God?”

17. To be led and moved by the love of God

“To be led and moved by the love of God: indifferent to everything except that.  This is the source of the only true joy…”

Which quote is your favorite?

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