Thoughts from Kathy Escobar in her books Down We Go and Faith Shift. One of My Favorite Writers on Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century!

by Mark Votava

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“You may feel hesitant when Rebuilding because you fear being led back to conformity or blind affiliation.  You buck under anything that might feel like an attempt to control you.  For many, talking about a revived faith can feel like pressure to ‘come back to the Christian system’ instead of a way to find a renewed spirituality…”  Faith Shift

“Sadly, a lot of work Christ-followers have done throughout history to care for the poor and marginalized around the world often hasn’t translated into the overall perception of Christians.  We can blame all kinds of people and circumstances for our bad press, but I don’t think we can escape that Christians have gained a bad reputation.  We tend to be known for our politics instead of our love, mercy and compassion.  Why?  Because many have become entangled in contemporary culture that tends to focus on the self, independence, survival of the fittest, and ‘let’s not get our hands too dirty’ attitude.”  Down We Go

“I strongly believe that our faith is revealed when we put our butts on the line in real, active, scary, tangible relationship with God and other people in small ways…”  Down We Go

“An important part of this step of discovering what remains is to remember that it’s okay to still believe a lot of the things that others have released.  And, at the same time, it’s also okay to let go of the things others still believe passionately.  If we start creating rules like ‘After Unraveling, we should be left with A, B, and C… or else,’ we are doing the same thing we are adamantly against.  Each person’s journey is unique…  While some people may have five or more things they still firmly believe, others may have only one.”  Faith Shift

“As part of the Shifting process, we need a time of rest and disconnection from serving and giving.  Yet, at some point, we have to face our fears and come out of hibernation.  We have to try again even though it’s scary.  This time, though, we can pace ourselves and listen more intently to our souls and bodies along the way.”  Faith Shift

“The alluring alternatives to interdependence, which include independence and codependence, are far easier to embrace.  But they don’t produce life.  We need healthy relationship to survive.”  Down We Go

“We will mess things up.  We will make mistakes.  We will feel afraid.  But in the end, the best we can offer is modeling our own authentic faith.”  Faith Shift

“The path for spiritual refugees like us rarely leads us back where we were.  Usually it takes us around the next corner, and the next, further and further into the unknown, into diversity, mystery, and freedom.”  Faith Shift

“Humility creates the space for God and our friends to speak into our lives.  It requires admitting our weaknesses instead of pretending we have it all together, embracing the doubts of soft and open hearts, and letting go of being know-it-alls.  It requires remembering we are no better than the person next to us, acknowledging our human tendency to control and aspire for power, and respecting and honoring our spiritual poverty and need for God.  These characteristics are necessary for downward living but will also be counter-intuitive for many of us who don’t like feeling needy.”  Down We Go

Have you read any of Kathy Escobar’s stuff?