Top 11 Reasons Why Love Matters

by Mark Votava


Love seems to be so simple yet one of the most difficult things to practice.  I am coming to find that my true self is love.  When I love is when I have connected to that authentic part of me which is love.  I believe that I was made to be an expression of love.

When I don’t love I am living out of my false self.  The self that is masked in illusions, pretense and the fabrications of my own making.  The false self is a fiction that sometimes I want to believe in.  The true self is what I am called into which is love.

Love is always the best way to live.  No one wants violence against them, oppression and abuse.  And love is never oppressive, abusive or violent.  There is hope in that.

Here are my top 11 reasons why I think love matters above anything else in the world.

1. Without love nothing makes sense

Without love nothing makes sense in the place that we live.  Everything gets really weird really fast without love.  How many of us have known people who get really weird by becoming controlling, judgmental, and manipulative around “spiritual” themes or “ministries”?

2. Everything else is a distraction

I think this happens because we are not rooting our faith in love.  It is rooted in something much more appealing to us.  There are a million things to root our faith in besides love and we are being pulled to do just that.

3. Spirituality is rooted in love 

But David G. Benner says, “No account of Christian spirituality is complete if it fails to give a central place to love …”

4. Love builds community among us

Love is what makes the communal imagination holistic.  Love makes the body of Christ live.  Love is what brings healing to our lives.  Love builds community in our neighborhood.

5. Love makes us human

Love is what will shape the body of Christ in the particulars of everyday life. Love keeps us sane.  Love makes us human in so many ways.

6. Love is the greatest thing we can do

John M. Perkins, founder of the Christian Community Development Association, emphasizes that, “Loving each other … might just be the greatest thing we can do …”

7. Love brings liberation

Our love could be the thing that brings liberation to us all in the parish.  Our love is to be a part of our salvation, redemption and sanctification as the body of Christ.  As we live together in the proximity of a neighborhood, we will all be shaped through relationship.

8. Love will do ordinary relational miracles of reconciliation between us

We can become great through love.  We cannot become great in any other way!  Our love as the body of Christ together in the particulars of everyday life will do miracles among us.

9. Loves guides and teaches us what is real

How we show that we are spiritually attuned to reality is by our love.  Love is the way of a relational life in the parish.  Love guides and teaches us how to discern what is real.  Love is the only relevant factor in our relationships within the body of Christ in the particulars of everyday life.

“There is one thing we must understand, however,” writes William A. Meninger, “and that is that our love must dominate our action and give it direction …”

10. Loves makes us a “peculiar people”

If love is not present within us, we literally have nothing to build our faith on together.  If love dies within us, we soon become less than human.  We become objects to the systems of our culture and cease to be a “peculiar people” in our local context.

11. Love shapes us constantly

Love must possess and dominate all that we do.  Love must shape us and change us constantly.  Love must capture our imaginations and become communal in the place where we live.  Everything we do must stem from this love.

Why do you think love is important?