5 Ways to Reimagine Everything

by Mark Votava

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Life can be so depressing sometimes.  I find myself in the midst of giving up on my dreams, struggling with anxiety and dealing with emotional pain.  So how does someone find some sense of hope in the midst of all of this?  I don’t really know, but I am trying to reimagine everything in the light of the possibilities of life.

The imagination is a powerful function with ourselves that can inspire us to be our true selves in ways that might be hard to comprehend.  I have found my imagination teasing out life within me in so many ways recently.

Showing kindness to a friend in the midst of conflict, giving my time to someone who needs a person to be with them without trying to fix anything, spending many hours in silence and solitude when I could be out doing something “more productive,” being vulnerable in asking forgiveness when I have made mistakes that affect other people and encouraging others through compassionate words in the midst of my pain are some things I have practiced reimagining.

Here are 5 ways we can further practice reimagining everything.

1. Learn from the past and unburden ourselves from the future

Our freedom is embodied in the ways we learn from our past as we reimagine the present and unburden ourselves from the future.  When we examine the shape of our lives together through reflection and rest, we are free to reimagine.  We constantly reimagine the present.  This pushes us into moments of reimagining the possibilities of life.

2. Embrace the present moment

Our reflection and rest is always manifested in our reimagining everything.  We will celebrate the past and learn from it.  We will reimagine what God has for us in the present and the days to come.

3. Allow our tomorrows and yesterdays to bring out the life of Christ within us

Through reflection and rest, we will free ourselves to work through our anxieties and regrets.  We will live into the mystical imagination in the parish.  Our tomorrows will not be so bad and our yesterdays we can learn from.  Our tomorrows and yesterdays speak to us through the mystical imagination in reflection and rest.  Our tomorrows and yesterdays can bring out the life of Christ within us in our local community.

4. Do not be afraid of examining the shape of our lives

Examining the shape of our lives together can be one of our greatest hopes as the body of Christ in the parish.  We cannot be afraid of this mirror.  We must look into the mirror and stare into our own eyes to find what is being authentically embodied within us.

5. Do not let our regrets, deficits and anxieties hold us back

Our regrets, deficits and anxieties will not hold so much weight for us as we practice examining the shape of our lives together.  In the process, we will create a new sense of Christ consciousness within us.  We will find the enjoyment of sharing life together through our everyday experiences more powerful than any other emotional state we find ourselves in.

Becky Garrison states, “Can I really not worry about my life and put all my trust in God?”

How can I start to reimagine my everyday life?