8 Ways Innovation and Creativity Will Bless Our Lives

by Mark Votava


When I think of innovation and creativity I get excited about the possibilities among us.  So much of North American culture is boring because of a lack of imagination.  Our lives are becoming almost invisible because we have given ourselves over to the market and empire without hardly any resistance.  Embracing innovation and creativity could change everything about how we experience our lives.

My family has taught me a lot about the status quo lifestyle, but I am coming to see that life is so much more than what I have learned from my family.  It has been a struggle for me to live with an imagination beyond what I received from my family, but I am trying the best I can.  In a culture that promotes individualism, narcissism and speed how can I find something more authentic amidst it all?

Maybe it all starts with having the courage to embrace innovation and creativity in our local community.  Maybe it starts with awareness.  Maybe it starts with longing, experimentation and growth.

Here are 8 ways that innovation and creativity can bless our lives.

1. Moves us beyond the status quo lifestyle

Innovation and creativity will not be forgotten by the parish imagination in everyday life.  Innovation and creativity are the very fabric of an alternative to the status quo lifestyle.  There needs to be an integration of innovation and creativity among the body of Christ so we can become an expression of love together in the twenty-first century.

Tom Sine writes, “We need a new level of imagination, innovation and creativity…” 

2. Keeps us from becoming machinelike

Our levels of innovation and creativity need to be unleashed into our everyday lives together in the place we inhabit.  We cannot allow the status quo to dictate who we are and what we do in our local community.  The parish imagination will not be frightened by the status quo.  The status quo is uncreative and machinelike.

3. Preserves what is beautiful within us

We lose our humanity when we embody the status quo.  The status quo is not countercultural.  The status quo does not follow Christ.  The status quo steals almost everything that is beautiful within us reducing our lives to meaninglessness.

4. Draws out our discontent

Innovation and creativity draws out our discontent with what is and our longing for something more.  Discontent and longing live within the parish imagination.  Discontent could be our greatest gift.

5. Brings about embodiment  

Discontent is of the Holy Spirit.  Discontent will haunt us through the parish imagination.  Longing is also of the Holy Spirit to bring about an embodiment of innovation and creativity among us.

6. Draws out our longing for a better life, a better society, and a better world

Diana Butler Bass says in her book Christianity After Religion, “Not many people think of discontent as a gift…  Only by noticing what is wrong… can we ever make things different.  If people were satisfied, there would be no reason to reach for more, no motivation for creativity and innovation.  Discontent is one short step from the longing for a better life, a better society, and a better world; and longing is another short step from doing something about what is wrong…” 

7. Promotes experimentation and integration in the place we inhabit

The status quo does not like any experimentation of innovation and creativity.  The status quo has no tolerance for innovation and creativity.  The status quo wants no association with innovation and creativity.  Innovation and creativity seek integration in the place we inhabit together as the body of Christ in everyday life.

8. Calls us to growth

Innovation and creativity call for growth within us all of the time.  Innovation and creativity are never static in everyday life.  Innovation and creativity are evolving constantly through the parish imagination.

How have you explored innovation and creativity in your life?