10 great quotes from Richard Rohr’s book – Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self

by Mark Votava


  • Allowing others to define us

1. “Our ongoing curiosity about our True Self seems to lesson if we settle into any ‘successful role.’  We have then allowed others to define us from the outside, although we do not realize it.  Or perhaps we dress ourselves up on the outside and never get back inside…”

  • Defining ourselves outside of love, relationship, or divine union

2. “Your False Self is how you define yourself outside of love, relationship, or divine union.  After you have spent many years laboriously building this separate self, with all its labels and preoccupations, you are very attached to it.  And why wouldn’t you be?  It’s what you know and all you know.  To move beyond it will always feel like losing or dying…”

  • Longing for God and longing for the True Self are the same longing

3. “Longing for God and longing for our True Self are the same longing.  And the mystics would say that it is God who is even doing the longing in us and through us…”

  • Do not fear, attack, or hate the False Self

4. “Remember, please remember, you do not (you must not!) fear, attack, or hate the False Self.  That would only continue a negative and arrogant death energy, and it is delusional and counterproductive anyway…  In the great economy of grace, all is used and transformed, and nothing is wasted.  God uses your various False Selves to lead you beyond them…”

  • Your True Self is who you are

5. “Your True Self is what makes you, you…”

  • Natural at detachment and nonaddiction

6. “Once your soul comes to its True Self, it can amazingly let go and be almost anything except selfish or separate.  It can also not be anything that you need it to be or others want it to be.  The soul is a natural at detachment and nonaddiction.  It does not cling or grasp.  It has already achieved its purpose in pure being more than any specific doing of this or that…  Soulful people, invariably humble and honest about themselves, are also risk takers…  The True Self neither postures nor pretends…”

  • The separate self is the False Self

7. “The separate self is the False Self, and the False Self thus needs to overdefine itself as unique, special, superior, and adequate…”

  •  The True Self sees everything in wholes

8. “The True Self sees everything in wholes and therefore in contrast to the way the world sees things, which now appears upside down to them.  The False Self sees everything in parts and hierarchies and in reference to itself, which is not to see very well at all.”

  • Doing the work of growing up

9. “We do not really find the immortal diamond of the True Self.  It gradually appears as we do the work of growing up…”

  • To see what is and let it teach you 

10. “The soul has no agenda whatsoever except to see what is – as it is – and let it teach you…”

What has been your journey of discovering the true self within you?