Why Has Our Woundedness Left Us Isolated Instead of Connected?

by Mark Votava


The longer I live, the more I experience my own woundedness around the dreams I have held onto that haven’t played out in the way I had wished.  One response in my life to this has been anger.  This has not helped and often times has made things worse.

Sometimes I have become apathetic where I do not care anymore losing interest in the process.  This is so easy to do.  Distractions are everywhere I look and not difficult to find in our mobile technological society.  My own struggle with distractions usually leads me to apathy over my woundeness and brokenness.

But it seems I am learning gratitude also.  In this past year of my life, God is showing me a path of gratitude to heal my woundedness.  I am becoming free and alive.  I am learning and growing.  I am happy to receive the gift of life just as it is.

Realizing that pain is not something I have to hide, I am leaning to be more honest in my brokenness and woundedness that I am processing within me.  These can be gifts that connect me to others through vulnerability, compassion, solidarity and humility.  I can experience redemption through my own honesty around wondedness.

Through my woundedness, God is shaping me to become an expression of compassion to the world around me in the place I live.  I do not have to be ashamed or afraid anymore.  I know God is with me, living through me, carrying me through the storms, struggles and gifts of life.

I am usually surprised with how beautiful God has become to me.  I find in God my strength to persevere through the difficulties of life when all around me seem to crumble and fall apart.  God is revealing more of the good life to me through community, through humility, through love.  At the age of forty one, I am on my way to a more authentic way of being in the world and am working out what life is to me as I relate to others.

  •  Responding to life in humility toward one another

We all feel the pain of brokenness.  If we don’t, we are not being authentic.  Life can be extremely difficult at times and we need to respond to life in humility toward one another. We need to be gentle in our brokenness.

  •  Our woundedness and brokenness can bring us together

Christ lives through our brokenness so we need not fear it.  Our lives should not be consumed with our brokenness, but should be lived in an authentic humility in everyday life.  Our woundedness and brokenness are common to us all and everyone knows struggle.  But these are the things that can bring us together if we allow humility to flourish and connect us instead of pull us away from one another.

How can we experience our woundedness as something that connects us to one another rather than pulling us apart?