Reconnecting With Others Constantly

by Mark Votava

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So many times I think I am alone in life only to discover that God is slowly working through my relationships to reveal to me a deeper compassion, solidarity and love.  I am learning to be alone at times through silence and solitude.  This is important to my connection to others as my love for others is constantly growing within me.  And if I lose sight of the love within me I have lost everything.

  •  Silence and solitude reconnects us with others constantly

Many people think that silence and solitude separates us from others, but I believe that it actually reconnects us with others constantly.  How is this possible?  I really don’t understand it fully, but I would say that it is a part of the mystery and beauty of our spirituality to be both alone and together at the same time in our locality.

  •  Being both alone and together

This is an embodied expression of the mystical imagination.  It doesn’t make sense to our overly rational minds.  How can we be both alone and together?  This is one of the deep mysteries of our faith that is hard to understand.  But I believe it is authentically true.

  •  Realize how deeply connected I am to others

Murray Bodo says, “In Silence and solitude I relearn that I am in others and they are in me, whether or not we are physically present to one another.  My own uniqueness discovered in the One who made me and dwells in me, is my simultaneous discovery of everything that is in the same One who inhabits silence and solitude – a silence and solitude I carry with me in the tabernacle of my deepest self.  A silence and solitude I forget is there when I abandon retreating into that center and allow myself to be distracted by the proliferation of things and people, by noise and sound that obscure the way back into the center of myself where I realize how deeply connected I am to others. If I continue to immerse myself in other things and people, I paradoxically become alienated from them and myself.  I lose myself in them and resent their demands on my time and attention.  If I take the time to withdraw periodically into silence and solitude, I reconnect to myself and others from whom I’ve grown alienated.”

  • Practicing a mystical solidarity with others

Our silence and solitude always draws us into a mystical solidarity with others in our neighborhood.  There doesn’t need to be a lot of words and talk for this to happen.  We just need a presence to a practice of silence and solitude in the midst of everyday life in the place we inhabit.

  •  Becoming reconnected to those we are called to love

This practice of silence and solitude will cultivate miraculous relational revelations as we find ourselves more connected as each day passes.  We will become constantly reconnected to those we are called to love in our locality through this practice.  Our presence to this practice makes all the difference in the parish.

How can we explore solidarity with others through silence and solitude?