Faithful Presence in the Present Moment of Everyday Life

by Mark Votava

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It is so nice to go for a walk and enjoy the present moment.  After a hard fall and winter season, it is nice to just rest in the beauty of the world God has created.  Too many times I am unaware of the beauty of the created world around me.

  • I cannot separate myself from the world

I cannot separate myself from the world in which I live.  It is all around me and I am a part of it.  The world in which I experience everyday life is my small contribution to bring my unique self forward.

  • Coming to realize life is a gift

After losing a friend this past year, I am coming to realize just how much life is a gift.  My grief and sorrow are showing me just how important it is to take nothing for granted.  I am alive in the present moment.  My salvation is wrapped up in sharing life together with others.

  • Staying in the same place the past ten years

Sometimes I think about how my life would be different if I hadn’t stayed in the same place the past ten years.  Would I have more money?  Would life be easier?  Would I be the person I am today?

  • Hope to be a faithful presence for decades to come

My life is now about halfway over, as I have turned forty this past year.  I don’t know how long I will live, but I hope to be a faithful presence in my local community or parish for another couple of decades.  If I could embody that way of life, it would make me very happy to know I have lived my life out of a sense of love, grace and humility toward others.  I do not want to become an angry man that only cares for himself and no one else as I become older in life.

  • The struggle of living in the present moment

Wonder has been difficult to embrace as I have struggled with living in the present moment.  The past always tugs at me and the future is always calling out.  But I must find my grounding in the present moment of everyday life in the parish.  This is how I can experience God within me on-the-ground in the context I live in.  The ordinary moments are drenched in sacredness and there is no escaping my responsibilities to those I am in community with.

  • The present moment is calling out to me

The present moment of deep wisdom is calling out to me as I am tempted to live individualistically.  The present moment is filled with discovery and revelation.  As I live today, I am tired of fighting the present moment of enlightenment only to enter into a depression of despair.  There is a sense of life in the present moment in the ordinary.

How can we find beauty in everyday life in the present moment of the ordinary?