The Ordinary is Profound

by Mark Votava

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The other day I got out of bed to face another day.  I thought to myself, “Will this be a day of gratitude or despair?  Will this be a day of looking for opportunities to love in the ordinary experiences of life or will I become indifferent and apathetic?”

  • The profound revelation of the ordinary

This tension within me is causing myself to see the ordinary as profound and important as I live out my days in the parish.  I am learning that gratitude and love are the internal processes of the ordinary in everyday life that are essential to my spirituality.  Christ speaks to me through what is ordinary and can seem “unspiritual.”

  • The ordinariness of a little child

Yesterday I was visiting with some friends and they brought their little daughter who is almost two years old to our house.  The little girl was so happy and free.  Her smile lit up the room.  She seemed so free just to be alive and to be around her brother, mom and friends who love her.

  • Thinking of the beauty of God

I couldn’t help to think of the beauty of God as I watched this child live in the present moment of their experience of life.  It was very ordinary, but so beautiful.  This child spoke to me of the ordinary beauty of God that I often times miss because I am looking for something other than what is before me.  But I have been learning to see God through what is ordinary.

  • God speaking through The Muppets

And then I watched the movie The Muppets with a third grader as his mom was doing the hair of a friend.  In this movie I saw one of the main characters, Walter, who had been different all his life find some sense of belonging by connecting with the Muppets and helping them save their studio from being torn down.  As I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but realize how this sense of belonging brought meaning, value and connection to Walter.

  • Acceptance, value, belonging

I couldn’t help to see myself in this character Walter and the Muppets were revealing to me the beauty of God through the ordinary acts of acceptance, friendship, kindness.  So in the next hours after everyone went home it seemed that God spoke to me through the ordinary act of watching a movie where acceptance, belonging and value was found in the narrative.  The ordinary revealed something to me again!

  • Resting in the ordinary

As I went to sleep that day after being kind of tired, I could feel my body finding rest as I placed my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.  God spoke to me through my need of rest laying in my bed and just finding peace from another day of living.  It is the ordinary that God is using to help me discover things about life that are shaping me.

How are you seeing God in the ordinary?