Embracing an Ongoing Awakening

by Mark Votava


Sometimes in my life I have lived as if I was asleep.  I’ve had experiences of depression where all I wanted to do was sleep my life away.  This has not been very healthy for me.  I am slowly learning to be present to my own awakening as it takes shape in my life.

•  Listening to our awakening

We cannot make awakening happen within us.  We have to listen to awakening and let it live through our bodies in the natural rhythms of our existence.  We need to trust awakening.  It will become a part of us if we follow it within the depths of our souls.

•  The awakening of reflection and rest

Christ is calling us to awakening in the depths of our being as the body of Christ in the parish. Reflection and rest call out to our awakening.  We need this.  We long for this.

•  Live the truth of our awakening

Stephan Bodian says, “In the end, the only conclusion we can make about the awakened life is that it assumes the form and personality of the person who lives it.  You can’t imitate it or will it to happen; you can only wake up, live the truth of your awakening and notice how life lives through you…”  We are called to live our awakening through our sensuousness.

•  Awakening is calling out within us

All of our lives need to touch awakening.  Not one of us can be content without embodying awakening in our local context.  Awakening is calling out to a local presence within us in everyday life.  Our reflection and rest is opening its hands to awakening.

•  The contextual form of awakening

Awakening always takes a contextual form in the parish.  Awakening does not hold back life within us.  Awakening is mysterious and uncontrollable.  Awakening shatters all holds on modernity that we might have as the body of Christ in everyday life.

•  Putting us in touch with the mystical imagination

Awakening can be frightful and unkind to our illusions.  But awakening will put us in touch with the mystical imagination in all of life.  The awakened life calls out to us in the place we inhabit together as the body of Christ.

•  Creating a posture of openness

Catherine Whitmire writes, “The opportunity before us in every moment is to choose to live awakened lives…”  We cannot make awakening happen within us, but we can create a posture of openness to awakening at all times.  We can practice reflection and rest as a way to be hospitable to awakening.  Awakening is bound to happen in all of us if we take this posture in everyday life.

•  An ongoing awakening in our local context

We are created for an ongoing awakening.  Every moment of our lives calls out to our awakening.  We can choose awakening.  We can choose to seek God as the body of Christ in our local context.

What seems to keep you from an ongoing awakening in everyday life?