Becoming Creatively Maladjusted

by Mark Votava


As life goes on, it is so easy for me to settle into a status quo lifestyle where not much is creative and innovative anymore.  I am slowly settling for a life of security and comfort at the expense of my own freedom if I am not mindful of what is happening inside of me.  I often wonder why people in our culture are not living life with more wisdom, love, and freedom.  It all seems to be slipping away for North Americans in a highly individualistic society.

•  The embodiment of creativity and innovation

The parish imagination embraces innovation and creativity holistically.  Innovation and creativity will shape us as we live out its embodiment within ourselves.  It is our identity embodied in everyday life together.  We are advocates of our salvation when we allow innovation and creativity to live within us through the parish imagination.

•  Threatening the status quo

We live out the gospel best through small acts of innovation and creativity that threaten the status quo among us in everyday life.  Can we be a people of salvation without creativity and innovation?  Creativity is the very essence of salvation.  That’s where the teachings of Christ on new wineskins come from.

•  The way of sanity

We are mostly dead in our faith without creativity.  We live more like American brand name machines without creativity.  Creativity and innovation promote sanity.  The status quo is insane.

•  Living into our human salvation

Humanity is called by Christ to the parish imagination of creativity and innovation.  Martin Luther King Jr. states, “Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted…”  Can we take the risk of being “creatively maladjusted” together in everyday life?  We so desperately need to find ways to live creatively together as the body of Christ.

•  Leaving what is cliché

The status quo cannot take this experimentation and risk of creativity and innovation.  It is too unsafe.  It is too scary.  It is too real.  Creativity and innovation have no tolerance for clichés that mask what is real in everyday life.

•  Moving to the right side of the brain

We have usually created our expressions of the body of Christ from out of the left side of the brain which fosters to regimented, analytical, rational hierarchies of programs and services.  But the parish imagination is calling us into the right side of the brain which fosters more to mystery, creativity, authenticity, innovation, intuition and relational connection in the parish. When we become dominated by the left side of the brain we struggle to experience the intuition of creativity and innovation within us.  The parish imagination becomes much harder to embody together.

How have you experimented with being creatively maladjusted?